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Our facility allows for the entire building fabrication process to take place under one roof. Over the past 30 years we have refined our manufacturing process to streamline the production of metal buildings. Each station inside our facility has an important role to fabricating quality building sections.


We utilize some of the industry’s leading technologies to not only increase our manufacturing potential but to also ensure quality craftsmanship. To create pristine and smooth steel section cuts and welds we make use of plasma cutters and various other advanced steel fabricating tools. When it comes to building fabrication little is more important than quality welding. For this reason we offer to educate and pay for each iron worker to become a certified welding professional. This investment in our employees benefits you as a client and has been one of the cornerstones to our quality building reputation.


Even after all the framing members and other building sections have been fabricated, we check them for correct welding and match them with the corresponding blue prints to ensure the assembling process moves smoothly. Soon after these checks they building members are ground smooth with powered metal brushes and washed in a mineral spirit type compound to remove any dirt, slag and oils before being painted. Our paint shop will then apply a dual layer coating of rust protective and weather resistant paint that will further increase the lifespan of these fabricated steel members.


Universal Erectors Inc. is one of the few building fabricators that focus on quality craftsmanship over the bottom line. Now that may sound cliché, but our reputation can speak for itself. Ask anyone who owns a Universal Erectors building; and because we are one of the building fabricators that can design, engineer and fabricate your building all in the same location you save thousands of dollars from subcontracted work.


After a metal building has been fabricated we load it up on our trucks and ship them to the Job site for assembly. Now while Universal Erectors Inc. is a metal building design and fabricating company you don’t need to go far to find a metal building assembler or often called steel building erector. Universal Erectors Inc. is our sister company that actually handles the assembly of the metal buildings. Check out our metal building assembly page to learn more.