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Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Universal Erectors Inc. utilizes its sister company Uni-Bilt Systems Inc. to provide metal building design and engineering services.


Uni-Bilt Systems Inc. excels in designing structurally sound and aesthetically beautiful metal buildings. Our metal building design team takes the required time to engineer metal buildings that will stand up to decades of weather while still having elegance. In other words, we take pride in our metal building designs and we know that you will be proud to own a Uni-BiltĀ pre-engineered metalĀ building. Take a look at our metal building design portfolio and you will easily see how our metal buildings stand out from the rest.


While our competitors will focus on the bottom line, we focus on delivering you a quality steel building design that will make you proud and happy for decades to come. We can help design your building to stand out from the crowd. Because we have the capability to design and manufacture our buildings in house we are able to quickly and effectively design unique metal building designs. You do not have to have a box building! We have designed metal buildings with unique cut corner crossings and multi-step up roofs. Whether you want unique accent band to draw attention to your company logo, or have a unique blend of accents, parapets, drop-down mansards and much more, we have the capability to design you a unique building that will stand out from the rest.


Aesthetics aside, our metal building designs are more importantly focused upon functionality. Whether you are a company that needs massive storage space and overhead cranes, a farmer that needs to protect and maintenance your equipment, or just a pilot who needs an aircraft hangars with a large hydraulic swinging door; we have done it all and have made thousands of clients functional buildings that meet and exceed their needs.